ashleylaurent (ashleylaurent) wrote,

Updates and a new website!!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I've been missing in the past months. I've finished a pirate costume! Mina has been paused because I haven't been able to find the right fabric. I have a billion regency projects to do. (Why does this always happen?)

But I do want to announce that I finally have my own website!! I would appreciate it if you could visit!

Here's a preview:

Hope everyone is doing well!


Tags: corset, pirate, projects, sewing, website
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niiiiiiiiiiice! lookin' good!
What a beautiful corset! The fabric is divine!

Great job on the website! It looks very professional. Your photos are lovely, too!
I had a lot of fun making that corset. I really love jacquards fabrics! Thank you so much for visiting!
Beautiful stuff! The new website is fantastic! I really like the format and the lovely pictures you have up.
I hope to get some more pictures up! Thank you so much for visiting!
Both that corset and your website look really great!
Thank you so much for visiting!
It's great to hear from you again! The pirate outfit is awesome. :D


June 13 2016, 21:51:24 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  June 13 2016, 21:51:41 UTC

Thanks so much! I figured it was time to make a pirate costume! Comfy ren faire garb here I come!