ashleylaurent (ashleylaurent) wrote,

Petticoat Done!

And so it biggest UFO ever to be undertaken. What's that you say? Well it's the MINA RED GOWN from BRAM STROKER'S DRACULA. I finally feel able to tackle it this year. I'm gonna do it.

First step, foundations. DONE! All that's left is some thread trimming...but wait..that's Michael's job! Ahahahahaha!

Wish me luck people, I'm really gonna need it. Especially when it comes to the handsewing section. God I hate handsewing.

Tags: costuming, mina, victorian
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Oooh it's glorious! Wishing you lots of luck as you tackle the gown. Have you seen Michaela's version?
Oooooh! Thanks for the link! What a beautiful version! I particularly like the way she fitted the top.
RRRRUUUUUUFFFFLES!!!! Glorious ruffles!

How stunning will you look in a Mina gown!
AWWW. Thanks! It's ruffles now and pleats later!
SO! Many! Ruffles!
HAHA. Yes.
Looks AWESOME!!!!!! *squeaking in delight* So beautiful!!!!!!
Thank you so much!
Oooh, dat petticoat! I love it!
Thank you!!!
Love it, thanks for sharing!
Thank you!
Those ruffles are so beautiful! I love them.
Thank you!!!