ashleylaurent (ashleylaurent) wrote,

It's nice to meet all of you!

Dear Friends,

Hi. My name is Ashley. Since I just discovered all the cool kids in the historical sewing community actually use livejournal, I'll use it too. I just love the amount of talent on here and I am especially grateful to Angela starlightmasque for introducing me on livejournal to everyone!

I've never really posted about sewing since I usually just complain to my boyfriend Michael about it, so this will be a good change of pace. (For him anyways :))

So here's some sewing info about me.

My mannequin's name is Madeline.
I own a Brother sewing machine.
I really really REALLY want a new embroidery machine.
My favorite era is Victorian.
I love doing movie costumes too.
And if I had all the money and time in the world to spend on costuming, I would just make Charles Frederick Worth gowns. All day long. From every decade.

Nice to meet all of you!
Tags: costuming, friends, sewing
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Charles Frederick Worth. *DREAMY SIGH*
I don't think there could be a bigger sigh in the world. :(
M'dear, you are in excellent company here! :D

I, too, own a Brother my primary. I've also got a serger and a bottom-of-the-line Brother embroidery machine that I'd love to replace with something more technologically advanced. Ahh, someday...

I'm torn between Victorian bustle-era and 18th century as my favorite era. So much good stuff in both! And I totally hear you on the Worth gowns. I'd have to acquire more closet space, but it would be totally worth it!
Love the Worth joke and sewing machine buddies!

Yes, there are so many good things in both eras--I think for me, the Victorian era just wins out on just overall shape. Love that super hourglass figure!
Hi Ashley! It is nice to meet you! I was the gal in the purple gown who came up to you at the beginning of the night and fawned over your dress! I'm not on LJ that much anymore, but feel free to friend me on facebook!
I don't have facebook, but I friended you on LJ!!
Hi, Ashley!!!!
Hi Isabella! You were darling with your wonderful dress and your SIL!
Worth really did produce some spectacular gowns!

I wasn't at the dinner, but I'm LiveJournal friends with many of the people who were. :) Welcome to the costumers' corner of LJ.

My current obsession is Star Wars costuming, but my favorite historical time periods are Regency and Victorian bustle era.
Nice to meet you! Yes, Star Wars is great! I'm glad they are coming out with more movies! Can't wait to see your new costumes!
Hi! *waves* I wasn't at the Francaise Dinner, but I was admiring your beautiful gown in so many of my friends' pictures and am glad to find you on LJ.

Victorian is so great! So many different and varied fashions. And so many of them are gloriously ridiculous. :)

Worth! Yes! If I had all the money in the world to spend on costuming, I'd buy yards and yards of gorgeous expensive silks and just wrap myself and roll around in them. ;p So decadent!
Nice to meet you! I'm glad that so many love the Victorian era too! And yes, massive silk pile here we come!!
*waves* I wasn't at the FD this year (bummer), but I've been every other year, and I love when another costumer pops up on LJ, so, hi!

The second half of the 18thc is my happy place, but I've made things from 16thc up through 1920s, and there's something from every era to like! Except maybe 1920s. I've made 3 1920s dresses, and dislike all 3 of them, haha.
Yes! Late 18th century is a good place! I totally feel you on the 1920s--kinda rectangular and shapeless. ;)
Welcome! I'm into Victorian and movie costumes too. Looking forward to getting to know you better and seeing more pretty costumes!
Thanks! Can't wait to see more of your pretty costumes too!
Hi! Welcome!
HI! Thanks!
Welcome Ashley!
So glad that joined us here on LJ! I was shocked during the dinner when you said you costume down South all by your lonesome and LJ is THE place to connect with others doing the same, so happy you decided to join, WELCOME! :)
Thanks so much for the warm welcome! Yes, it is crazy how few people do historical costuming in the South. Maybe the hot weather restricts people?!?